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  Enerplex Solar Backpack - PACKR Commuter  
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The Enerplex Packr Commuter is a revolutionary solar integrated backpack, able to keep anyone charged up while they are on the move... Equipped with a flexible and incredibly rugged integrated 3 watt solar pv panel, the Packr can power up most smartphones in under five hours in direct sunlight and can charge almost any portable USB enabled device while in direct sunlight... Made with solar-on-plastic technology, the solar pv panel adds minimal weight while remaining flexible enough to allow the bag to be fully packed without risking damage to the solar pv panel or the bag...

The OPTIONAL Jumpr Mini 1700 mAh Li-Polymer battery can increase charge capabilities when the Packr Commuter solar backpack is not in direct sunlight... The Jumpr Mini simply connects to the Packr Commuter solar backpack's USB Output to charge the Jumpr Mini battery while the Packr Commuter solar backpack is in direct sunlight... The Jumpr Mini is an extremely-thin portable battery that can provide 50-90% more battery life for most smartphones while fully charged... It's tethered MicroUSB output makes it simple to hook up to a smartphone, GPS, or camera...

The Enerplex Packr Commuter solar backpack along with the Optional Jumpr Mini Li-Polymer battery, is ideal for hikers, campers, students or anyone who is always on the move and wishes to have a portable battery backup system... The Enerplex Packr Commuter solar backpack along with the Optional Jumpr Mini Li-Polymer battery can also be used as a Prepper Bug-Out Bag...




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