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  Off Grid Solar PV Kit with Modified Sine Wave Inverter  
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Introducing an Off-Grid power source to power devices needing electricity where electricity does not exist... The electricity for this system is provided by the included 12 volt 135 watt solar photovoltaic panel... This solar pv panel will produce roughly 7 plus amps an hour of electricy, in direct sunlight, and will store that electricity for use in a 12 volt deep cycle battery which you provide... The electricty can be used from the 12 volt deep cycle battery via the included 12 volt 1250 watt modified sine wave dc/ac inverter...


Note: The 12V Deep Cycle Battery needed for this system is not provided due to shipping costs of the battery(s) and should be obtained at your location...

This OFF GRID SOLAR PV KIT will provide power for for small appliances, microwave, lights, TV, computer, phones, fridge, and tools anywhere... anytime..

Ideal for homes, cabins, RV's, boats, backup power, and ideal for an off grid power source for tools, water pumping, telecom, or anywhere where grid electricity does not exist...





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